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4 Ways To Attract New Clients

By Vik Naidu / 22/01/2019

1. Invest in search engine optimisation If you want your firm to surface in Google search results you need to invest in a solid search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy. Getting an expert to help you set up your website and develop a long-term SEO and content strategy will ensure you continue to rank well. 2. […]

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Start a freelance business while working full-time

By Vik Naidu / 15/01/2019

Gone are the days when the traditional 9-5 was the only option for earning a pay check. Now, work comes in all shapes and sizes. More and more full-time workers are increasing their income capacity by working freelance, taking advantage of evenings and weekends to earn extra cash. Determine your capacity Managing full-time work and […]

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5 lessons you can learn from your small business clients

By Vik Naidu / 26/11/2018

Do you own your own accounting firm? Your small business clients could be a serious source of inspiration. They are doing everything you are, from branding their business to finding new clients and managing their cash flow. Here are five lessons you can learn from your small business clients. 1 Never stop learning Small business […]

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Why your business loan was rejected

By Vik Naidu / 26/10/2018

Due to the risks involved, strict guidelines are imposed on business finance, so securing approval can be difficult. Here are a few mistakes to avoid to increase your chances of approval of your business loan. Not knowing your credit score Many consumers may not realise the importance of a credit score. Not only is it […]

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5 ways Entrepreneurs stay motivated

By Vik Naidu / 19/10/2018

Being an entrepreneur can be a wild ride. The highs are high and the lows are low, but the challenge is to stay continually motivated. Motivated to succeed. Motivated to innovate and create. Motivated to stay the course. So how can you stay inspired each and every day? We’ve put together five ways to help […]

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Ensure your home office is productive

By Vik Naidu / 15/10/2018

Working from home may seem like the dream job arrangement, but after a few weeks of day-time television and too many trips to the fridge, it’s easy to see just how distracting it can be as a work environment. While you may not miss the loud conversations of fellow employees and having a calendar filled […]

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5 Benefits of Cloud Based Accounting

By Vik Naidu / 12/10/2018

Take your accounting firm to the next level with cloud accounting software. Whether your business has been established for many years or is relatively new, there is no better time to make the switch. While new technology can be daunting, it can also be a serious advantage to you, your colleagues and your clients. Here […]

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5 tips for collaborating with clients

By Vik Naidu / 08/10/2018

Our relationship with your clients is one of the most important aspects of running a successful accounting firm. Many small business owners seek after your expertise and support in order to propel their business forward and ensure they are managing their money well. In order to move from being a service-based firm to partnering with […]

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3 Tips to maintain Business Productivity

By Vik Naidu / 05/10/2018

During this time of year, productivity is not just a word, it’s a way of life. You firm needs to be running at maximum efficiency to keep your clients happy, your firm running and your books full. Ask yourself this question…are you busy being busy or are you busy being productive? One team, one dream […]

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Checkpoints before launching your business

By Vik Naidu / 01/10/2018

For every entrepreneur, starting a business is an exciting and daunting prospect. Even before the official launch of your business, you’ve already put in hours and hours of work behind-the-scenes. From the very beginning, when you were still fleshing out your big idea to now, when you have a name, a logo and a website […]

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