Emergency Accounting

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ATO/Tax Problems

Most of the time, we fail to discover before the proverbial hits the fan somehow

Call’s from the ATO

Unknown tax debts are identified

An ATO garnishee notice arrives

A cash flow crisis takes place

Key Staff resign

Partners quit

Code Red

  • If you receive a demand from the ATO.
  • If your creditors start taking action against you.
  • If your personal financial situation is collapsing but your business is somehow stable.

It's time that you seek specialist attention right now.

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Code Orange

  • If your cash flow fails to meet your current obligations.
  • If you are far behind on PAYG taxes and super contributions.
  • Your trade dropped off suddenly.

Seek specialist health if you are facing such scenarios.

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Code Blue

  • Your income is collapsing.
  • There is always a lack of money.
  • You fear that your taxes have been calculated incorrectly.

Your situation is dire and you might need a specialist in the near future .

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Arguing with your accountant back and forth about what’s gone wrong or how to work it out, shall lead you nowhere. An accounting emergency is critical and needs special attention just like health emergencies.



Act Fast

Once the situation is under control, the causes slowly get revealed and then the measures can be put together to ensure that the issue is eliminated completely.

Be it health, or in accounting, Prevention is always better than cure

How about we explore and ensure you’re not set out towards a calamity? 

In case you’re even somewhat questionable with regards to the taxes you’re paying or where your money is going, it’s presumably a perfect time to seek a second opinion.

As Albert Einstein claimed, ‘Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.’ It’s absolutely obvious for this situation – whoever deals with your accounts presently will be unable to check them fundamentally and observe the blunders they’ve been making.

We are quite aware of the areas we can find issues.

Within a span of 7 days, you’ll know your real monetary position and regardless of whether your present financial cycles are working. In the event that you’re similar to most organizations, you’re in for some ambivalent news… 

Severe, as normally our second opinions uncover your present financial cycles are costing you cash. Sweet, in light of the fact that a lot of the time, there’s cash to recuperate.

The majority don’t care about managing such situations. A fraction of the time that is the reason things have reeled so out of control for individuals we meet. Obviously, it’s outlandish to disregard it. 

Indeed, the absolute best thing you can presumably do assuming you don’t care for managing this stuff either is opt for the second opinion now, so you can keep away from a genuine bookkeeping emergency circumstance that just can’t be overlooked.

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