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Single touch payroll reporting
Track your multiple group home location
Manage employee timesheets & rostering
Save on tax with Not-for-profit organisations concessions
Manage bookkeeping and receipts in cloud software’s

Track your cashflow

Know exactly how your business is performing with live cashflow forecasts.

Save on tax

You may be eligible under the  tax free threshold for $50000 for your NDIS

Cloud Accounting

Get rid of shoebox receipts and automate lazy accountant tasks.

People You can Trust

With your best interests at heart you can count on us to help you find your pearl.

I am an NDIS Provider

NDIS Provider

As a provider you are offering support to a participant of the NDIS. All providers operate under an existing funding arrangement with the government to ensure that you are acting in compliance. Having a provider let's you take your mind off the unimportant finance components so you can focus on your life and not let your disability hinder you.

The issues associated with not having an NDIS provider mean: 

  • Inability to enforce cloud based accounting makes it hard to manage clients and employees when they are several locations
  • Ensure compliance with STP reporting
  • GST Registration 
  • Tracking cashflows consistently so you don't fall short
  • Bookkeeping is up to date
  • Management of all receipts
  • Accounting and Tax Obligations

Why you need an accountant who specialises in NDIS:

  • Understand the law and regulations behind the NDIS schemes
  • Focus on future growth rather than drowning in compliance which can be automated
  • Fast and easy asset finance for you so that you can partake in recreational activities to enjoy life
  • Get fast and easy asset finance 

Our purpose is to help you get your finances on track so that you don't have another issue on your mind and can focus on living life to your fullest potential. Don't let your disability hinder your life rather be the reason you make life worth living.

NDIS Registration:

NDIS registration is a complex process that most accountants won't know how to do. Oyster Hub is connected with the Oyster Care Foundation and has helped NDIS companies successfully register with the NDIS within either to twelve months.

Even one mistake with registration an set a licence back by months if not years. Make sure that your accountant also understands the complexities of NDIS registration including compliance, training and NDIS requirements.  

I Self Manage my NDIS

Self Managed NDIS

Self Managed NDIS plans is when you manage your NDIS funding to aid you in acquiring some flexibility and choice in your life so you can support yourself and buy what you need to meet your plan goals because your disability is not a hinderance to live life to the utmost extent.

The benefits of self managing:

  • Choice in deciding what supports your purchase in line with what is inclusive in your plan
  • Flexibility to use any provider that will best help you meet those goals
  • Capacity to employor contract staff directly or have someone employ staff on your behalf
  • Ability to negotiate the costs of your supports so you get the best value for money and to use savings to buy more
  • Control over and responsibility for your NDIS funding so you can manage your own budget for the plan's duration

The responsibilities of self management NDIS:

  • Purchasing Supports linking to the goals in your NDIS plan
  • Making clear agreements with your providers about the supports you will receive including how they will be provided and paid for
  • Managing your funding so the costs of the support gives you value for money and are met within your budget
  • Claiming and paying for supports by making payment requests and paying for your supports on time
  • Keeping invoices and receipts to show you funded supports with NDIS
  • Meeting your obligations as an employer
  • Showing how you've used your self-managed funding towards reaching your goals
  • Advising the NDIA of any significant changes
  • Participating in any payment auditing where you will need to provide invoices, receipts or other evidence


NDIS Tax Concessions

NDIS Charities must be registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) before they can be endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) to access charity tax concessions.

Paperless Bookkeeping

Get rid of shoe box receipts through cloud based accounting and bookkeeping automation processes.

Tax, BAS & ATO Reporting

Stay out of the ATO Red Zone and meet your tax obligations with ease and be safe.

Paperless Bookkeeping
Strategic Business Advisory

Focus on your business future growth with proactive accounting and advisory.

ATO Tax Debt Negotation
Cloud Payroll Solution

Online payroll solution to easily manage STP reporting, automate pay calculations and manage your entire payroll. 

Business Cashflow Finance

Get the latest and greatest equipment, tools and vehicles, with finance options specific for tradies.

Tax Planning Strategies

200 tax saving strategies pay less  tax, rather to ensure that you do no pay not a cent more than is required! 

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