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Invest your time into your trade whilst oysterhub takes care of your headaches with a range of cloud based technologies.


Tradie Books Sorted

Forget about paperwork by automating your bookkeeping process.

Get Paid Faster

Reduce the time it takes to chase up your debtors and get paid faster.


Equipment Finance

Speed up the process of your work and reduce the waiting time.


People You can Trust

With your best interests at heart you can count on us to help you find your pearl.

Online Equipment to let tradies invest their time on their craft

The life of a tradie is usually very busy; early mornings and late nights. When you're chasing success and have to wake up early and sleep late you want someone in your corner and even more want a system backing you up.  With so much to do it leaves you little time to send invoices, process payments, chase debtors and do the behind the scenes 'dirty' work of a business owner.

This is where we step into the picture helping you to change your business through the implementation of powerful tools that effectively streamline certain practices encompassing the administration component of your business.

Take your time away from activities that don't move you forward and put it towards activities that do move you forward.

Tax, BAS & ATO Reporting

Stay out of the ATO Red Zone and meet your tax obligations with ease and be safe.

Paperless Bookkeeping
Strategic Business Advisory

Focus on your business future growth with proactive accounting and advisory.

Paperless Bookkeeping

Get rid of shoe box receipts through cloud based accounting and bookkeeping automation processes.

ATO Tax Debt Negotation
Cloud Payroll Solution

Online payroll solution to easily manage STP reporting, automate pay calculations and manage your entire payroll. 

Business Cashflow Finance

Get the latest and greatest equipment, tools and vehicles, with finance options specific for tradies.

Tax Planning Strategies

200 tax saving strategies pay less  tax, rather to ensure that you do no pay not a cent more than is required! 

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Talk to our business accountants and unlock the full potential of your business by automating lazy accountant task.


Our Approach

Our goal is to make sure you run a efficient hospitality business without any roadblocks to your restaurant, cafe, bar or hotel.

  • Getting to know you better
  • Understanding your goals
  • Create a long term partnership
  • Be part of your business success
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