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Get low doc Truck and Vehicle Finance and be on the road faster. Eliminate shoebox receipts with cloud based accounting services for your courier and freight services business 

Low Doc Finance

Fast and Easy low doc asset finance for your new and existing business.

shoebox receipts

Eliminate receipts and paperwork using cloud based accounting services.

Business Growth

Know how much money you are making with fast and easy cash flow forecasting.

People You can Trust

With your best interests at heart you can count on us to help you find your pearl.

Get your business up and running so you can help others get theirs running!

As a freight carrier your business is quientessential in the running and operations of all businesses nationally. From transporting products to packages and ensuring businesses receive that they need on time lies on your shoulders.  With this sort of pressure why would you want to add more stress to your life? Oysterhub will be able to get you low doc asset finance to get you started and take advantage of your assets to the utmost extent.

Oysterhub understands the value of you to our daily lives and we can provide you with the ability to get the vehicle you need, when you need it. If you are a home owner we are able to get for you a 100% finance option for your trucks so that you are able to effectively complete your job to your highest potential. Get in contact with our loan specialists and ask us how!

Make the most of savings and you will be able to track everything from the beginning to end where you are able to track your diesel expenses, repairs and maintenance and see how your business is trackingin all facets, not only the front end but back end components too with efficient and effective cloud based accounting services.


Automate lazy accountant task with cloud accounting solution and focus on your future growth

Paperless Bookkeeping

We assist in assessing your profitability per job to enhance your strategies and protect your profits.


Use Cloud bookkeeping to get ride off shoebox receipts and track your business performance


Low Doc Asset finance to get your restaurant business up and running fast and easy.

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Talk to our business accountants and unlock the full potential of your business by automating lazy accountant task.


Our Approach

Our goal is to make sure you run a efficient hospitality business without any roadblocks to your restaurant, cafe, bar or hotel.

  • Getting to know you better
  • Understanding your goals
  • Create a long term partnership
  • Be part of your business success
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