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What is "The Business of Future" Test ?

If you are a business owner who is looking into Saving Time by automating lazy accounting tasks, Saving on Tax through strategic tax planning and deriving income while enjoying things you love, this is exactly for you.

I want to spend less hours on business paperwork

I want to get rid off my shoebox receipts

I want to track my business cashflow and finance

I need an accounting and bookkeeping system

I want to work with a proactive tax accountant

I want to spend more time with my family

I want to track my business performance

I want to save on tax

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6 Steps to "Business of The Future" Roadmap

The "business of future" road-map is understanding your business numbers so you can make right decisions to grow your business further. The 6 Phases of the journey are:

Phase 1:

Understanding Your Business

The Business test allows us to understand your business in detail, so we can have a more strategic conversation. We will then get in touch to book a complimentary phone or Zoom conference call regardless of which state you operate in.

Phase 2:

Strategic Meeting

Our Strategic meeting will be more about understanding your future goals, learning about your dreams & aspirations and to answer questions about your business challenges. All this so we can tailor a customised solution that is the right fit for your Business.  

Phase 3:

Diving Deep

We’ll conduct a full analysis of your current accounting systems, technologies and processes you use to help us determine the optimal ways to leverage cloud accounting tools to streamline your operations.

Phase 4:


Once we have done comprehensive evaluation of your business we will recommend  proven platforms for  business growth, time saving processes,  tax saving decisions and technological changes required for you to go further.

Phase 5:

Transparent Investment

Know exactly what your investment is with us and what you are receiving. Doesn’t matter if you are a start-up business, looking for Financial Officer services or just looking for one of implementation. Ask us about our Fixed price packages tailored for your needs.

Phase 6:

Getting Started

Getting started is the most satisfying and rewarding process for your business. We start working with you to implement the changes required for you to go further, sort your books and establish a long term business adviser relationship to help you bring to life the vision you had from the initial phases.

Business of Future Test

4 minutes

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