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Access to cashflow, managing cashflow and protecting business against debtor risks are the core challenges facing business. With fast and easy unsecured cashflow finance you can access up to $250k to get your business back on track. Get business loans without painful paperwork or waiting in queues.

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Business Finance we can help you with

Debtor Finance

You’d be very surprised at how quickly these facilities can be setup.  If you have any outstanding invoices, you can access 80% of the value with funds deposited directly to your account. Paperwork is issued within 24 hours and funding literally within 24-48 hours of signing agreements. Loan amounts $10,000 – $5,000,000. Our loans calculator helps you.

What is Debtor Finance used for?

Only 12 percent of small businesses request upfront payment. Invoice Discounting helps the other two thirds (67 percent) taking up to a week to issue an invoice and one in 10 invoicing more than a week after work has been completed.

Unsecured Loans

A short term low doc business loan that has no security usually comes with a maximum of 12 months term. You’ll repay the loan and interest daily, weekly or monthly. To get approved it is very fast and you will need to show the last 6-12 months of your bank statements which the business lender will use to determine your trading past.

What is an Unsecured Business Loan used for?

Unsecured Business Loans are perfect to pay for marketing, finance unexpected expenses, tax bills, or to fund other business needs.

Business Overdraft

An overdraft facility normaly has the capacity to cover business expences while cash flow is being waited on which can be caused by seasonality or trading terms provided to customers. Small and/or medium businesses or organisations within Australia are the main suppliers of goods and services to 55% of Australian businesses.

What is a Business Overdraft used for?

Get a business overdraft facility to cover the cash flow shortfalls or when your business needs extra time to complete orders and can be used to make purchases.

Equipment Finance

Get finance for equipment in as little as two days from Australia's leading non-bank business lenders at the best possible rates and terms. The most common type of debt finance sought by businesses was a new loan with a term of more than one year (37%), followed by new capital/finance lease or hire purchase agreement (36%).

What is Equipment Finance used for?

Equipment Finance is ideal for assets like a business car, manufacturing equipment, computer software and hardware and most items that can readily be re sold..

Short Term Business Loans

Typical a business loan that can be repaid in less than 12 months is classified as short term. Businesses reported the main reason for seeking debt or equity finance was to maintain short term cash flow or liquidity (36%). If you need additional help with financing your business try our business loan finder.

What is a Short Term Business Loan used for?

Same day business loans are often term and are best used when fast business finance is needed to pay for unexpected bills but can be repaid quickly.

Bad Credit Business Loans

Somtimes a business has no documents up to date or they simply dont have time to provide them all to the lenders but that does not mean a small business loan is out of the question. You will always need to provide the last 6 months banks statments to get approved for any Low Doc Business Loans.

What are Low Doc Business Loans used for?

The time to use a no document business loans is when you dont want to provide full business documentation or they are not available.

What to consider when getting Business finance?

These fundamentals will have a big impact on:

Match Finance Type

You can cover fluctuations in working capital with flexible short term low doc business loans or an overdraft but if you’re making a big purchase you’ll need a long term loan with a repayment schedule that matches your cash flow.

Safeguard Your Cashflow

Maintaining cash flow is one of the biggest challenges faced by any small business, so it’s vital that you have funds available when you need them but be aware that you’ll pay more for at-call financing like an overdraft, which gives you access to funds whenever you need them.

The risk dictates the rate

To successfully secure financing you’ll need to convince a lender that you are a good risk (as per how they determine this) to get the lowest interest rates.

For some types of low doc loans, you’ll need to offer security, such as your property. With any financing application you’ll have to provide full financial data about your business – and a realistic repayment schedule that takes into account factors such as seasonal fluctuations in turnover, and the risk of late payment by your customers.

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