Commercial Finance for new business premises

Our team of expert finance brokers & tax accountants understand how complex commercial deals work


Getting Expert Advice on Your Commercial Finance

Loan Market commercial loan specialists can help you with business finance for the expansion, investment funding, leasing and buying.

It makes good business sense to have a simple and flexible commercial loan structure when you grow your business. We can also help with refinance of commercial properties, retail shops, industrial land, factories and offices, as well as cash flow lending.

We make it easier for you to buy a commercial property or refinance the loan you have now. Our commercial specialists help professional investors, developers and businesses with loans to achieve their goals.

We can help you with commercial finance features like:


Term loans

Cash flow finance

Hire purchase

Chattel mortgage

Leasing finance

Our Commercial Property Loans Cover all Industries

Doesn’t Matter if You are starting Up Or buying a new commercial property


Childcare, Doctors, Gp's, Veterinaries


Start-ups, Retail, Cafe, Manufacturing


Primary Industries, Rural, Livestock, Farmers

Property Loans

Business, Investment, Construction


Hotels, Pubs, Clubs, Restaurants, B&B's

Commercial Loan Process

Our process is built around transparency and speed. Time is precious and often critical to the success of your transaction. We do not waste any time in getting you the answers you need.

Need Analysis

Discuss your project; timing, needs, partners, structures, requirements and more. If we agree to work together, we will ask to be mandated.

Due Dilligence

Collection of applicable documents: valuations, DA, QS reports, team CV’s, pre-sales, feasibilities, ID, financials and more.

Term Sheet

After the appropriate funder is identified and would like to take the next step, a term sheet is produced for discussion and agreement.

Offer & Acceptance

Once the terms are accepted, final due diligence is conducted prior to a formal offer being produced for the borrower.


Settlement is arranged and managed in consultation with legal team for borrower and lender. Oyster Hub will maintain the communication with all parties throughout the process.


In line with our partnership approach to clients, we will stay in touch with the progress of your business/project to make sure you continue to manage your capital requirements in the best way possible.

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