Streamline Your Debt

Debt consolidation helps you get back on track sooner and pay less interest


A better way to pay off your debts

Are you currently feeling swamped with personal debt and trying to keep up with multiple personal loans and credit card payments?
Using debt consolidation loans you can combine all the debts in one with one single payment. Debt consolidation will not only reduce reduces hassle of managing multiple debt, but you can also get better interest rates and reduce management fees paid to multiple financial intuitions.

Why Debt consolidation?

Lower your total repayments and save money

Make repayments easily without stress

Get a timeline to be debt free

Why Consolidating your debt Now?

Debt Consolidation aims to reduce your individual overall interest levels and facilitates in speeding up the process of repayments.

One, easy to manage repayment

Managing one fortnightly or monthly repayment can make it much easier to stay on top of debt and track your repayments. Juggling multiple repayments is not only a pain but it can lead to late repayment fees if you’re not careful.

Save on interest and ongoing fees

With many loans or credit cards comes a variety of fees and interest rates. Consolidating your debt into one fixed, low rate personal loan means you only have one interest rate and a lot less ongoing fees to worry about.  

Pay off your debt sooner

Consolidation of your debt enables the timeframe oif repayments to reduce and hence the ability to pay of your loan in full as fast as you desire. A life without debt frames a life worth living.

FAQ - debt consolidation

Get the answers through our knowledge base to find answers to all your common debt consolidation questions

If approved, we will get your lender to transfer you a sum, which you use to pay off your existing debts and close the accounts (if applicable.) Then over the length of the loan term, you pay off the principal and interest. The idea is to save money by using a lower overall interest rate than your current predicament.

No two financial situations are the same, and we encourage you to get an accurate assessment before making a decision. However, if your repayments across many different credit products such as personal loans, credit cards, charge cards, or store credit cards are attracting more interest than you can keep up with, a debt consolidation loan may reduce this interest rate to a more manageable and affordable figure.


Debt consolidation is a credit product designed to roll over as many debts as possible into one easy to manage loan (i.e., one repayment with one interest rate each month, instead of many.)

Debt agreement is a legal arrangement, in which a debtor negotiates a payment plan with creditors.

In practice, very little: one can use a personal loan for debt consolidation exclusively. However, lenders may consider more factors when approving a loan for debt consolidation instead of spending it on non-tangible purchases, such as a holiday.  Accounting for an array of factors provides an in depth analysis and understanding of behavioral patterns.

A comparison rate is a single figure expressing most fees and charges associated with a loan as well as the interest rate.  

Finding the best rate for you is always our priority.

This may depend on need rather than want. However, personal loans such as these usually begin at about $4,000. Consult our professionals to decipher the best amount for you.

You will be notified by our professional consultants upon approval. You may be approved within one business day, in many cases.

No. There’s no obligation to apply. You may contact us for advice and get more information.


However, you can put up a security if you wish to access lower interest rates. This carries significant risks in case of default, however consulting with one of our advisers can get you on track.

Yes. Your consultant can help you find a loan with no-fee extra repayments, redraw facilities, and more.

Yes – many of our lenders classify Centrelink payments as income. These lenders will honour requests for genuine debt consolidation.

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