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Our Story

Oyster Hub was born when founders Adarsh & Vik noticed a missing link in the financial industry between small business owners who needed more than just tax accountants and financial advisors who only focus on compliance work.

Start Journey

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The concept behind Oysterhub took shape when our founders, Adarsh & Vik, noticed a gap in the financial industry. Small business owners needed more than traditional tax accountants and financial advisors who focused solely on compliance.

Our passion is to find pearls for startups & small business owners by automating lazy accounting & bookkeeping tasks so you can focus on things you love, save time & money. Being business owners our self and we understand that certain tools & strategies are required to build a foundation for a successful business. We help business with cloud-based accounting to cost effective CFO services, bookkeeping and strategic advisory. Our focus is to help find your pearl.


Empowering Startups & Small Businesses

We are passionate in helping startups & small business owners find their pearls by automating mundane accounting & bookkeeping tasks so they are able to focus on things they love, while at the same time, saving time & money.

Being business owners ourselves, we understand that certain tools & strategies are required to build a foundation for a successful business. Let us help you find your pearl.


Watch how our story unfold into something it is today.

Understanding your business needs and goals

What are the roadblocks in your business

Saving time with Accounting & Bookkeeping automation

Providing deeper business insights with Virtual CFO advisory

OysterHub DNA

At every stage of your business & personal journey, we focus on finding your pearl so you can enjoy doing things you love the most


The OysterHub Meaning

The world is full of opportunities for you to maximise in order to live your life to the utmost extent just like an Oyster. Finding out what the world has to offer that is specifically for you is a bit tricky — this is where Oyster Hub comes in. Let us find your pearl together!


Your Roadmap To Finding Your Pearl

We encapsulate the notion of success into 5 fragments to help shape your understanding in how we strategise to find your pearl!

Drowning In Paperwork
Get Rid of shoe box receipt

Paying High Tax Bills
Use 200+ TAX Planning Strategies

Struggling Startup’s
Dive Deep in business performance

Low Business Cashflow
Get Rid of shoe box receipt

Tax Debt Negotiating
ATO debt planning

Our 4 Core Values

At Oyster Hub, our Hub Stats believe every business and individual has the potential of finding their pearl. Our core values underpin how we work with our clients and help them find their pearl.

1. Family First

No matter what is going on in your life, the most important thing to you is your family. We constantly have your best interests at heart so that you can create a family legacy.


After all, we are doing what can benefit our families.

2. Freedom – Peace Of Mind

Having freedom enables you to take control of your time, money and resources. It provides you peace of mind.

We want to help you acquire these two things and free you from the burden of working all the time. We go after our commitments and align our own freedom with yours to support you.

3. Educational Environment

Constant education fuels inner growth.

When we learn and grow together, it increases the amount of information we are able to implement towards helping you.

We do whatever it takes to grow and learn so we can help you to the best of our ability.

4. Five-Step Journey To Success

The journey to success is filled with hurdles but we have five aspects that align accordingly to aid in overcoming your business problems easier.

We work towards completing all tasks and small discrepancies so we can diagnose from early on and not have to worry about major problems in the future.


6 Sustainable Goals

Being committed to 17 life-changing goals can help businesses and individuals become more aware of their social responsibility and take action in making this world a better place to live in.

Good Health & Well Being

Quality Education

Gender Equality

Decent Work & Economic Growth

Reduced Inequalities

Climate Action

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What People Love About Us

I have never found a more passionate finance broker than Vik and his team at Oysterhub. We were about to lose our house when our business took a down shift. Vik saved us from getting a finance deal approved when banks shut the door at us. It's great to work with people who actually care about people not just profits.

Joanne Sims NDIS Business Owner

I have never seen someone more passionate tax accountant than Adarsh about wanting to help people save time on their menial processes - makes me wonder the experiences in business he has gone through but I'm not complaining I am thankful for it. He is the only tax accountant who has helped me save an extra 8-10 hours per week on lazy accountant tasks and facilitate in enabling me to put these tasks to more productive areas.

David Smith Platinum's Electrical. Owner.