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"The World is Your Oyster, Let's find your pearl"

Oyster Hub DNA

finding your pearl

The idea of Oysterhub was born when our founders Adarsh & Vik noticed a missing link in the financial industry that small business owners needed more than just tax accountants and financial advisors who only focused on compliance work.

Our passion is to find pearls for startups & small business owners by automating lazy accounting & bookkeeping tasks so you can focus on things you love, save time & money. Being business owners our self and we understand that certain tools & strategies are required to build a foundation for a successful business. We help business with cloud-based accounting to cost effective CFO services, bookkeeping and strategic advisory. Our focus is to help you find your pearl.

Our team of expert tax accountants and accounting engineers will provide tailored  solution to specific needs we identify through:

  • Understanding your business needs and goals

  • Saving time with Accounting & Bookkeeping automation

  • What are the roadblocks in your business

  • Providing deeper business insights with Virtual CFO advisory 

At every stage of your business & personal journey, we focus on finding your pearl so you can enjoy doing things you love the most

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"The World Is Your Oyster, Let's Find Your Pearl"

The world is full of opportunities for you to maximise in order to live your life to the utmost extent alike to an Oyster! However finding out what the world has to offer that is specifically for you is a bit trickier and is your pearl and that is where we come into help you find your pearl together!

Testimonial - Henry Tebar

Your Roadmap To Finding Your Pearl...

We encapsulate the notion of success into 5 fragments to help shape your understanding in how we strategise to find your pearl!

  • 1. Vision

    Envision Your Pearls. Lay Roadmap

  • 2. Possibilities

    Dive Deep with Safety Net. Unlock Potential

  • 3. Discover

    Emerge, Create Value. Grow Wealth

  • 4. Establish

    Control Your Creation. Automate Task

  • 5. Treasure

    Do What You Love. Enjoy Your Pearls

Empowering Your Purpose Is Our Passion

Empowerment harnesses one's ability to instill power within someone else - we don't want to give you a thousand fish rather teach you how to fish - so you have the tools required to fish out the things in life that you are after . . . provide you the tools to discover your pearl.

One Equals Two

Meet Our Team Of Hubsta's

Our Hubsta’s can work 200% more than traditional accountants through embracing cloud accounting innovation and automation driving efficiency . We have been able to automate 'lazy accountant' tasks and put that time towards growing your business!

Adarsh Dutt

Virtual CFO
Strategic Tax Accountant

Vik Naidu

Certified Finance Broker
Influencer, Coach, Mentor

I'm Zo

CSO - Chief Smiles Officer
Passionate, Caring & and abundance of energy.

Nina Puniani

Head of Bookkeeping

Zachary Naidu

GEN Y Social Strategist
Digtial Marketing Expert.

Zoe Nguyen

Accounting Engineer
Cloud Bookkeeper

Mia Mai

Accounting Engineer
Cloud Bookkeeper

Pooja Upasna

Accounting Engineer
Cloud Bookkeeper

Our 4 Core Values

At Oyster Hub, our hubstas believe every business and individual has a potential of finding their pearl, grow and enjoy the treasure they build. Our core values underpin how we work with our client and help find their pearl.

1. Family First

No matter what is going on in your life we know the most important thing to you in your life is your family.  We constantly have your best interests at heart so that you can have your families best interests in your heart to create a family legacy.  At the end of the day you are doing what you are doing and we do what we do to help serve and benefit our families.

2. Freedom - Peace Of Mind

Freedom enables you to take control of your time, money and resources and provide you with a clear mind state giving you peace of mind.  We want to help you acquire these three things in tandem to free you from working constantly.  Within our team there is a great deal of freedom with the ability to ask each other for help, we honor our commitments and align our personal freedom with yours to help you.

3. Educational Environment

Constant education fuels inner growth because when we learn and grow together it helps increase the amount of information we are able to implement towards helping you.  We admit what we don't know but we do whatever it takes to grow and learn about it in order to ensure we can help you to the best of our ability.

4. Five Step Journey To Succes

The journey to success is filled with problems all along our journey. When we have these five aspects all other aspects align accordingly to help overcome problems much easier.  We work towards completing all tasks and small discrepancies now so that we can diagnose the symptoms early and not have to worry about major problems in the future.

  1. Self Awareness
  2. Self discovery & improvement
  3. Willingness to step outside of comfort zones
  4. Genuine interest in helping others through the impact of our work
  5. Mentorship and Coaching
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