Reduce Tax with Tax Planning

Tax Planning & Review for Small Business

Paying high taxes without effective tax planning can be detrimental to your business’s cash flow. Although challenging, is an essential aspect of running a small business. With a fitting tax plan for your business, you will be able to determine what can help reduce your tax liability, maximise profits and manage cash flow sufficiently so you can position your business towards long-term success.

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Get Second Opinion on Tax for Small Business

Over 60% of small business owners are grappling with high taxes that severely impact their cash flow.

We understand that as a small business owner, managing your finances and tax obligations can be overwhelming, especially when you feel like you’re not getting the support you need. 

Our team of experts is dedicated to understanding your unique needs and goals, and we work with you every step of the way to develop customised solutions that meet your business’s specific needs.

Getting a second opinion on whether you have overpaid your taxes is easy.

Our tax-saving strategies are backed by a promise that if we can’t deliver a refund or a better outcome moving forward, you won’t be charged for our service.

No Obligation Meeting

Get expert advice on tax-saving strategies by speaking with our knowledgeable Business Advisors. We are always available via call or in-person to hear about your current business situation and structure so we can gain insight into your industry and tailor solutions to suit your specific needs.

Tax Savings Report

The proof is in the pudding! Within 7 days, we will prepare an estimate of the tax saved from the findings in our review. We can then amend the returns if necessary. This is the benefit of using a business tax specialist

In just 7 days, our comprehensive review of your finances will lead you to probable tax savings. Let our expert business tax specialists help you navigate the complex tax waters and sail smoothly towards a more favourable outcome

Tax Review

Did you know that over 60% of businesses are paying more tax than they need to? Allow us to thoroughly examine your last 2 years of lodged returns and provide you with expert advice for potential tax savings.

Second Look Assessment, for Small Business Owners who may have overpaid.

If you think you’re paying more than your fair share in taxes, get a Second Look Assessment. Our “Look Under The Hood” process offers insights into your tax payments and business performance. For $750 plus GST, we’ll review your returns and identify potential savings. Don’t let your hard-earned money go to waste – trust us to help you keep more of it in your pocket.


Our Proven Approach to Reducing Tax for Small Business Owners

To invest well, you need to find investments that fit your financial goals, investing time frame and risk tolerance.

Get an overview of the different types of investments so you can find the right ones to reach your financial goals.

By getting to know you and your business, we gain a deeper understanding of your current situation and long-term goals which allows us to develop a tailored plan to help you get where you want to be in the future! Let us walk you through:

  • Comprehensive Analysis of your Tax Payments
  • Thorough analysis of your past accounting practices
  • Outline the steps to take during tax planning and implementation process

After our initial consultation, we conduct a comprehensive analysis to identify your future goals and growth patterns.

  • Introductory analysis of your business objectives and strategies
  •  Understanding the factors that led to higher taxes in the past
  • Develop a plan to recoup overpaid taxes
  • Explore how legal structures can impact your tax liability
  • Streamlining your business processes with automation

When we have identified your business and growth patterns, we will provide personalised tax strategy reports outlining your potential tax savings.

  • Offer an impartial tax assessment to determine if you’re overpaying
  • Provide actionable advice on how to reclaim excess taxes paid
  • Proactive tax planning for the future
  • In-depth analysis to clarify your situation

Following the delivery of your detailed tax savings report, we’ll schedule a meeting to ensure the smooth implementation of the recommended strategies.:

  • Establishing target dates for executing the recommended strategies
  • Schedule quarterly reviews to monitor progress
  • Identify your financing needs for implementation

Ensure the legitimacy of any investment before signing up by conducting thorough research to spot potential scams. With our help, you can not only identify overpaid taxes and claim refunds but also discover ways to keep more money in your pocket.

It’s time to take control of your business and finances – let us help you you on your journey to tax savings and business optimisation.

1. Make A Call
Start your journey to tax savings by giving our team a call. We’ll help you determine if your business is eligible for a Second Opinion, and discuss the information we need from you to complete the review.

2. Comprehensive Assessment
Our team will conduct a thorough analysis of your information to identify any areas that could be improved. We will focus on uncovering opportunities that will save you time, reduce your current year’s tax bill, and enhance the overall business performance.

3. Second Opinion Report

Once our team has completed the review, we’ll create your Second Opinion Report which includes a detailed overview of our findings and recommended solutions. The report is yours, no strings attached!

4. Report Walkthrough
We will schedule a 1-hour meeting in-person, via Zoom, or on the phone to go over the Second Opinion Report with you. This is to ensure that you have a clear understanding of the report’s contents, all your questions are answered, and that you fully agree with the next steps to take.

Our team review the most recent Financial Statements and Tax Returns prepared by your accountant and look for anything that could have been done differently to reduce your tax bill.

Is your record keeping taking too much time or giving you inaccurate information? We can recommend process and software changes to fix the problem.

Our team compare your current business performance and cashflow position with Benchmarks specific to your industry and give you any feedback we have on your overall performance.

We look at your current business structure and let you know if you could benefit from a change and if your current structure is being used as well as it could be.


Looking Under the Hood For Over Paid in Tax

Are you feeling unsure about your tax return? Did your accountant give you a tax bill that seems too high? In the past, business owners had no way to verify their tax returns, but now, you can.

Get the peace of mind you deserve with a second opinion. Our team can help you discover potential overpaid taxes and refunds, and provide solutions to maximise your savings.

Why Choose Oyster Hub Wizard Accountants ?

Managing your business’s finances can be overwhelming. With Oyster Hub, our award-winning accountants can provide expert aid and support to help you expand your business while maintaining complete tax compliance.

When you work with us, you are bound to get the best results. Whether you need help with bookkeeping, tax planning, or financial reporting, we’ve got you covered.

Oysterhub understands the importance of effective communication for successful business operations. Our team of experts is well-versed in cloud technology and proficient in utilizing video conference platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams Meetings so you can you can connect and collaborate with us seamlessly from anywhere you are.

Oysterhub does not only take your small business and startup to new heights. We empower every small business owner to unlock their inner wizardry, enabling them to achieve their goals while making a profound social impact in their communities.

Moreover, we are proud advocates of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals—  inspiring our clients to  amplifying their value and impact while driving positive change in the world.