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Choosing the right business structure can protect your family assets and minimise your tax liabilities.

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Business Structure Accounting For Your Small Business

Small business owners overpay the ATO by more than they ought to as a result of not starting the business with the right foundation.

The business structure you choose can have a significant impact on your tax and legal liability. Let us help you step up and select the right business structure to help optimize your tax situation and set you up for overall financial success.

Let us help optimize your tax situation, protect your personal assets and feel the difference compared to your business’ last 2 years.

Choosing Business Structure Avoid Following Risk

We find that most of the small business owners end up paying high tax liabilities due to not having right business structure to minimise the tax and personal liabilities

High Tax Liabilities 

Once you know your business structure, forecasting your business cash flow facilitates in your ability to offset uncertainty by predicting peaks and troughs in your businesses cash flow.  The purpose of the forecast is to highlight cycles in your business and predict your cash flow on a monthly basis.

Personal Assets at Risk 

Ensuring you have the correct business structure can enable you to limit putting your personal assets at risk rather actually protecting them against any risks. For more information and to accurately decipher how to do this book your free business structure advice call!

Risk as a Business Owner

As a business owner you may not know the correct business structure for you at that point in time.  Hence by making this decision on your own without any specialist guidance could lead you down an unwarranted pathway and put you face on with significant risks.

For Small Businesses, We Provide Business Structure & Startup Services

Business structures are one of the first considerations when starting a business, however choosing an a wrong  structure can lead to higher taxes and unforeseen personal liabilities. That is why Oyster Hub Accountants can help you choose the right structure for your use case. Book a discovery call and talk to us today.


Start-up Business Advice

If you decide to use a company name, it must show the legal status of the company. For example “My Business Pty Ltd”. 

You can only choose a company name not already registered to another company or as a business name.

One of the key decisions you’ll make when starting a business is its structure. While most business owners dive right in and skip planning and research, selecting the right business structure can impact your ability to secure financing, protect your personal assets and optimise your business to achieve success.

Are you unsure about which business structure to choose? Contact us now and get the answers you need. 

Starting a business without proper planning is like setting sail without a map or compass – you’ll end up lost and directionless. 

Many startups dive headfirst into business without a plan— not realizing that understanding their target audience, product value proposition, and their financial position are crucial to success. Don’t make the same mistake.

Our expert team can help you prepare a year’s worth of profit and cash flow forecast. With a clear roadmap to success, you can navigate the tumultuous waters and confidently steer your business towards profit and growth. Set sail with our expert team and let us help you find your pearl.

Before you choose a right busienss strdturte fro busine needs theres are certerin consideration taht needs tobe made so i can fit your ciricytamcnes. 

  1. Protecting Your Family Business 
  2. Protecting Your Assets.
  3. Understanding your business group  entities;
  4. Understanding correct bookkeeping and record-keeping processes.
  5. Having an ongoing relationship with their accountant to plan and review. 
  6. Estate and Sucesson planning when you exit the business or die. 

There is no best structure, because it all depends on the circumstances on which the company is formed and its projected growth. At Oyster Hub we consider all considerations when advising our customers on the most suitable structure for their business.

More information about the differences between business structures can be found on ASICS setting up a business structure site.

Your business structure can have a huge impact on your tax position.

Here is a simplified example to show the different tax outcomes for three common business structures – each one earning $80,000. We have made a few assumptions but the outcome is clear: the right structure can save thousands of dollars in tax. Getting your structure right is critical to business success.

You can register your company and other key business registrations through the Business Registration Service. Before you register, make sure you: choose a company name, decide whether your company will be proprietary or public and understand your legal obligations.

There can be a number of potential commercial, regulatory, legal and tax benefits in forming a group company structure.

Corporate groups are attractive for a range of legal, business, tax and governance reasons, and are often very important for financial growth and in the mitigation of risk. For instance, the creation of a subsidiary allows a corporate group to reduce commercial risk by importing that risk to the subsidiary, which will act as a separate legal entity. In mitigating this risk, subsidiaries also allow for diversification of a corporate group’s business and can provide a vehicle for holding companies to enter into acquisitions or joint ventures.

Reason to Setup Group Business Structure:

  • Ringfencing assets and liabilities
  • Regulatory advantages
  • Tax benefits

Your business plan isn’t something you should ‘set and forget’. You should revisit your plan as your business grows, and your needs change to evolve your business plan as you go. If you haven’t looked at your business plan since you created it, don’t stress – it’s not too late. Get in touch with us today and let’s get started.

In Australia, over 65 per cent of buyers purchase their property in their own name. But other ownership structures may be suitable for you, depending on your intentions with the property investments and how it fits into your wider portfolio. Below, we outline a few different property ownership structures and when each structure may be suitable.

  • Buying under personal Name
  • Buying under company 
  • Buying under Unit or family  trust 
  • Buying under self managed super funds