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The Real Truth Why Businesses Can't break the Iceberg

According to the Statistics more than 80% of start-up small business fail and don’t make it past the five-year mark.

The Study found that the factors that contributed to business failures were mismanaged cashflow. Drowning in paperwork, spending too much time on business admin task's, not using technology to automate processes and build-up of unpaid tax bills. Learn how we solve these business problems.


Problem 1

Drowning in Paperwork

This is one of the biggest problems facing businesses where you spend so much time on sorting out paperwork and unproductive tasks that you do not have enough time to put towards growing your business.  It is said that on average businesses lose 50 days a year on sorting out paperwork. Talk to our experts and learn how we can automate your accounting & bookkeeping tasks.

How to Get Yourself  Out of  Drowning Paperwork?

Bookkeeping & Accounting Automation

Use Digital Receipt Apps & Get Rid of Shoe Box Receipts

Get an Expert to Review Your Business Process & Systems 

Book a Free Strategy  Session with Our Cloud Accounting Advisor  


Problem 2

Paying High Tax Bills

As a business owner getting taxed will always exist but minimising those high tax bills is something most business owners do not take advantage of and in turn pay more tax than what is required of you. If you have paid high taxes in previous years or want to save more on tax see our proactive tax planning approach.

How We Save Taxes For Your Business?   

Database of 200+ tax saving strategies

Forecasting Future Growth And Implement Tax Saving Strategies Earlier

Implementing Tax Saving Business Structures

Use Cloud Accounting to make real time business decision


Problem 3

Struggling Startup Businesses

Taking no steps and no advice will lead to your business being just another statistic in the 95% of small business that fail within the first 5 years. Starting up a business can be daunting and challenging for the most part, however it does not have to be with the right guidance and coaching.  With the rise of the information age, technology, social media and the online world you can leverage this to get your voice out there and find your pearl.

Learn about how we Help Start-up businesses:

Get a  Virtual CFO with no lock in contract

Reviewing you business process and implementing  cost saving strategies  

FREE Start-up Business Webinar Training

Business Cashflow Finance Help


Problem 4

Low Business Cashflow

Low business cashflow is something that hinders many businesses but we want to ensure it does not affect the operations of your business, whilst also facilitate in providing strategies to help you to overcome a shortage in cashflow if it is to accentuate.

How to Impove Your Cashflow:

Cashflow & Business Forecast to understand your business cycle

Access quick cashflow finance loans to meet your cash shortfalls

Developing on marketing strategies to increase revenue

Work with a strategic accountant to improve business performance  


Problem 5

Tax Debt Negotiating

Having a long outstanding ATO debt can have a negative effect on your business due to the significant implications the ATO imposes from heavy fines to shutting your business down.  There can be many reasons why you have built up an ATO debt and determining what the root cause is can break this cycle and enable you to start minimizing and inevitably eliminate this debt.

How to Get Yourself Out Of This : 

Represent You throughout debt arrangement process

Review Your Accounts Why Debt Was Raised 

Negotiate with ATO to get Penalties and General Interest Charges Remitted 

Do a business viability assessment for payment plan arrangement

Provide recommendation  how to automate lazy accountant task

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