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Rescue Catchup Accounting & Bookkeeping

Running your business on a daily basis has become increasingly challenging— from struggling with bookkeeping, overdue tax lodgements, mounting ATO debts, and dwindling business cashflow, Oysterhub can help. With the support of experienced accountants, small businesses can regain control and work towards resolving their ATO tax debts.

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OysterHub would adore nothing more than to be active to your projects since we share your love of business. Through our streamlined procedure, we can assist you in starting up your business. So avoid the sloths and call us and let’s schedule a chat!

Save You 50 Days In A Year

Time to move from old accountants. Save time and money with automation

Get Rid Of Shoe Box With Receipt Bank

No more late nights, missing receipts or garage full of paperwork boxes

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Make better business decisions with online accounting & bookkeeping

Save On Proactive Tax Planning

Save on tax early with real time tax planning strategies & cloud accounting

Virtual CFO Advisory For Growth

Insights in your business performance with budgets & cash flow forecasting

Rescue Catchup Accounting

Are you overwhelmed with the amount of paperwork stacking up on your desk? Do you feel like you’re falling behind or getting chased by ATO for overdue lodgments?

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Family Business

Sole Traders

Is the old shoebox filled with receipts so packed that the lid cannot be closed? Are you frequently reminded that your BAS installments are past due?

Oyster Hub is committed to working closely with you to identify and address the root causes of your business challenges.

We understand that every business is unique. Our Rescue Tax Accounting service is very specific to you. This is why we have tailored a package suited to your business needs.

Comprehensive support for both established businesses and new entrepreneurs.

Our Rescue Accounting Consultation is for business owners who need a quick solution to get their business paperwork tended to as well as get ATO off your back.

We provide the accounting assistance and critical support required for your business initiative to succeed through our all-encompassing accompaniment and transformation program.

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Come and have a chat with our friendly staff about your next big steps.

Drowning in Paperwork

The time it takes sorting out paperwork and doing mundane tasks keeps your focus away from growing your business. Talk to our experts and learn how we can automate your accounting & bookkeeping tasks.

How to Get Yourself Out of Drowning Paperwork?

Paying High Tax Bills

You cannot get away from taxes but with Oyster Hub, we can help you minimise those high tax bills — this is something to take advantage of instead of paying more than what is required of you.

If you are paying high taxes in previous years or want to save more, see our proactive tax planning approach.

How We Save Taxes For Your Business?

Struggling Startup's

Do you know that 95% of small businesses fail within the first 5 years? Starting up a business can be daunting and challenging but it doesn’t have to be this way always. With the right guidance and coaching from Oyster Hub, we can help you leverage your business, boost your market presence and help you find your pearl.

How to Get Yourself Out of Drowning Paperwork?

Need an expert wizard?

Come and have a chat with our friendly staff about your next big steps.

Low Business Cashflow

Low business cash flow is something that hinders many businesses from grabbing more opportunities and generating enough cash to cover their expenses. Let us help you regularly monitor your cash flow and provide strategies to help you overcome shortages.

How to improve your cashflow?

Tax Debt Negotiating

Having a long outstanding ATO debt can have a negative effect on your business due to the significant implications the ATO imposes from heavy fines to shutting your business down. Determining the root cause of why you have built up an ATO debt can help break this endless cycle and enable you to start minimizing (and inevitably eliminating) debt.

How to get yourself our of tax debts?

Why Choose Oyster Hub Wizard Accountants ?

Managing your business’s finances can be overwhelming. With Oyster Hub, our award-winning accountants can provide expert aid and support to help you expand your business while maintaining complete tax compliance.

When you work with us, you are bound to get the best results. Whether you need help with bookkeeping, tax planning, or financial reporting, we’ve got you covered.

Oysterhub understands the importance of effective communication for successful business operations. Our team of experts is well-versed in cloud technology and proficient in utilizing video conference platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams Meetings so you can you can connect and collaborate with us seamlessly from anywhere you are.

Oysterhub does not only take your small business and startup to new heights. We empower every small business owner to unlock their inner wizardry, enabling them to achieve their goals while making a profound social impact in their communities.

Moreover, we are proud advocates of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals—  inspiring our clients to  amplifying their value and impact while driving positive change in the world.

Every businesses comes face to face with unique challenges when it comes to managing their accounting, bookkeeping, and finance needs. Our team of experienced professionals go beyond simply crunching numbers and tailor our services accordingly, allowing you to focus on what matters most: driving your small business towards unparalleled growth and scalability.

Sorting out payroll, taxes, and accounts can be an arduous task and could be better spent on completing new projects.

Countless clients have experienced a significant boost in revenue by redirecting their focus back into their core operations while allowing our skilled accountants to handle their financial matters. When you partner with us today, you will experience the difference our expertise can make for your business while providing additional support to fuel your business’s growth.

Clear financial records are the compass that guides successful businesses towards profitability. At Oyster Hub, our experienced accountants specialise in putting your financial records back on track.

In a world brimming with opportunities, we believe that every individual and business possesses a unique Pearl waiting to be discovered.

From managing budgets to optimizing staff resources and closely monitoring your profit and loss, we provide the insights you need to drive your business forward.

Let Oyster Hub be your trusted guide in uncovering the hidden treasures within your business and life. We will focus on finding your pearl so you can enjoy doing the things you love the most.

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, numerous business owners find themselves grappling with tax debts, causing significant financial strain. Our expert team is dedicated to surmounting these tax debt hurdles by implementing highly effective strategies tailored to your unique circumstances.

If you find yourself being hounded by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and have received distressing correspondence and notices, it is crucial to take immediate action.

ATO Payment Plan
Tax Debt Negotiations

Did you know that a staggering 80% of errors in small business finances are directly related to bookkeeping and tax? These mistakes can have a significant impact on your bottom line, leading to penalties, fines, and even potential legal consequences.

Running a business is no easy feat. At Oysterhub, we specialize in helping small businesses regain control of their financials— from struggling with bookkeeping, overdue tax lodgements, mounting ATO debts, and dwindling business cashflow. Our tailored solutions are designed to address your specific needs for regaining control and working towards resolving ATO tax debts.

Rescure Tax Accounting


How to Know That You Need a Rescue Accountant

Get a SECOND rescue opinion for your Small Business for your previous year’s tax returns if you have PAID High Tax Bills. 
We find that most business owners are heading toward a business crisis if they identify the following in your business. 

Drowning In Paperwork​
Low Business Cashflow
Paying High Tax Bills
Accountant is working like a sloth


Making business a breeze for you

Our accountants are well situated for you whether you run a business in inner Sydney, including the surrounding areas. Our clients appreciate that we are close by because it allows us to set up convenient meetings that not all other accounting companies can.

Our accountants provide a range of services, such as:

An accountant will be of great assistance with everything from dealing with the ATO to creating your business structure; the advantages are infinite.

Our accountants have extensive experience in many business sectors because we routinely work with both small and large organizations. Each member of our staff has top-notch credentials and upholds the highest standards, so all of our clients can rest assured that their business is in good hands.

Take advantage of a free strategy session with one of Sydney’s top accounting firms to learn more about what we can do for you. To help you get to know your coworkers before you start working together, we will also introduce you to your professional accountant.


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Your business is a journey; create an impact and build a business that has a purpose to make a difference to your family, community, and yourself. We have put together everything you need to know about how we create an impact at Oyster Hub with ‘Your Journey with Oyster Hub Guide.’ Download the PDF and learn more about how you can create an impact in your business

What People Love About Us

I have never found a more passionate finance broker than Vik and his team at Oysterhub. We were about to lose our house when our business took a down shift. Vik saved us from getting a finance deal approved when banks shut the door at us. It's great to work with people who actually care about people not just profits.

Joanne Sims NDIS Business Owner

I have never seen someone more passionate tax accountant than Adarsh about wanting to help people save time on their menial processes - makes me wonder the experiences in business he has gone through but I'm not complaining I am thankful for it. He is the only tax accountant who has helped me save an extra 8-10 hours per week on lazy accountant tasks and facilitate in enabling me to put these tasks to more productive areas.

David Smith Platinum's Electrical. Owner.

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