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The Wizard
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There is a wizard in every business— Oyster Hub can help empower small businesses do better and create a difference. 

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What is a Wizard

Is a magician who shows direction to People when the path is not clear

& Small Business Owners You Already are a Wizard.

A small business owner is akin to a wizard, casting spells of positive impact within their community and for their loved ones. Through their entrepreneurial journey, they guide and direct their endeavors like seasoned wizards, creating a profound impact on the world.

Much like a wizard who shapes and influences reality through magic, a small business owner shapes the economic landscape, bringing tangible and transformative changes to their local community. Their ability to weave the threads of innovation and dedication results in a magical tapestry of progress and prosperity.

Meet the Wizard of Accounting

“There is a wizard in every business and we can help empower small business to make a better business to create a difference.”

Meet Adarsh,

Adarsh, Co-founder of Oyster Hub has been crowned as a “Wizard of Accounting” by a leading global Accounting Software  “Quickbooks Online” the embodiment of accounting brilliance, and has emerged as the face of Intuit QuickBooks’ extraordinary marketing campaign.

Crowned as the 
“wizard” specialising in small business accounting and business advisory, Adarsh has captivated the attention of more than 4.5 million users worldwide through this remarkable initiative. The campaign has propelled Adarsh into the spotlight, earning him coveted features across numerous media platforms and esteemed financial review magazines. 

He is not just a wizard of accounting; he is a leader in the industry to create impactful change for community and propelling small businesses towards a future brimming with success and prosperity.

Leveraging his persona as the "wizard" to dismantle barriers and unlock untapped potentional. His presence on the global stage has elevated the importance of financial management for small businesses, amplifying their voices and inspiring them to reach greater heights. Adarsh's impact extends beyond the realm of numbers; he has become a symbol of empowerment.

“We are students for life and learning never stops. Sa,e way as a Wizard shows the direction to people and guide them, it’s important to share your knowledge and experiences that we have gained through our small business journey and to help our clients achieve their purpose in starting the business”

– Adarsh Dutt

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Award Winning CFO & Business Advisor

Success, to me, is a fusion of financial achievement and profound impact. It's 50% financial and 50% IMPACT based. It's not just about numbers; it's about the smiles on faces, the fulfillment of one's business and personal goals. It's the satisfaction of knowing you've played a part in shaping their future and enhancing their family's life. That's the essence of true success.

Adarsh's DNA

Adarsh is a National Award-Winning Accountant. In recent times he has won the category for Chief Financial Officer as hosted by Accountants Daily. He has been featured on various industry publications and events focused on helping business owners to find their purpose & balance whilst running their business.

"I am dedicated in helping people to overcome their challenges. I don't have magical powers. But, through years if experience and modern business automation I combine the gamut of my personal and business acumen to solve problems and direct business owners to find their own pearl in life."

No matter where you are located, we are able to be of assistance to all small businesses and startups in every state in Australia

#Oysterhub Meaning

What being part of Oysterhub family looks like!

Friendly Professionals

Critical & Creative Thinkers


Learning Your



Empowerment harnesses one’s ability to instill power within someone else – we don’t want to give you a thousand fish rather teach you how to fish – so you have the tools required to fish out the things in life that you are after… provide you the tools to discover your pearl.

Adarsh's upbringing on a sugar cane farm in Fiji instilled in him a deep appreciation for hard work and self-sufficiency. The challenges of a simple life without modern technology taught him the value of resilience and determination. These early experiences have not been forgotten, as they continue to shape the strong work ethic and down-to-earth values that Adarsh carries with him in his entrepreneurial journey, reminding him never to forget his roots.


6 Sustainable Goals We Are Working Towards

Being committed to 17 life-changing goals can help businesses and individuals become more aware of their social responsibility and take action in making this world a better place to live in.

Good Health & Well Being

Quality Education

Gender Equality

Decent Work & Economic Growth

Reduced Inequalities

Climate Action

Awards & Recognitions

Are you ready to unleash the wizardry in your business?
Being committed to these life-changing goals would help business and individuals be more aware of their social responsibility and take action in making this world a better place to live in.


Is Your Business Creating an IMPACT ?

Small business owners constitutes to approximately 94% of all businesses in Australia. As a business owner, are you making a positive making an IMPACT on the community, for your loved ones, or for yourself? What’s your legacy?

At Oyster Hub, our co-founders share a close working relationship with small business owners like yourself. Our mission is to help you create a business that brings joy, makes a positive impact, and leaves a lasting legacy. This is only possible if you are able to free yourself from from the day-to-day operational tasks. We are here to guide and support you in making a positive impact.

Make an IMPACT

Run a business that creates an IMPACT for your family, community so you can leave a legacy behind.

We bring out the wizard in every small business owner so they can achieve their goals and create higher social impacts in their communities.

"I am dedicated in helping people to overcome their challenges. I don't have magical powers. But, through years if experience and modern business automation I combine the gamut of my personal and business acumen to solve problems and direct business owners to find their own pearl in life."


Our goal at Oyster Hub is to help small business owners run “Businesses for Tomorrow”. We believe that every business owner can make a positive IMPACT on our community by empowering their clients to make a small difference in reaching our sustainability goals

Wizardry Through Leadership

Making a difference to other peoples lives is what we are all about

Oyster Hub’s approach is through active involvement, genuine empathy, and taking important steps, highlighting the notion that, even amidst hardships, good things can still happen.

As part of Oyster Hub’s Social Responsibility, we are empowering talents where opportunities are limited. Being 100% on the cloud, we are able to work and employ staff in remote areas where opportunity is limited, making a difference for families.


Not Your Typical Accountant 

Explore And Beyond

Connecting to Nature Give Me Peace

It's Important to have disconnect to reconnect to go further

“I find joy in connecting with nature, exploring Australia’s landscapes, and navigating remote terrains through 4WD adventures and camping. This reconnection provides a mental reset from daily chaos, fostering creativity and enhancing problem-solving skills. Nature becomes a powerful source of inspiration, offering a refreshing escape for a more innovative and analytical mindset.”